Monday, 7 March 2011

Plum dressing

Plum blossom looks very promising this year. Coe's Golden drop seems to be covered and even the usually blossom-shy Denniston's Superb seems to have more than usual.

Usually I forget to lime the plums early enough. Too early, it will just all wash out of our thin, open soil; too late and there won't be enough readily available to the roots by the time the fruitlets are forming. I'm sure this is the reason that plums are so disappointing here. The wild plums only produce prolifically when they reach 12' plus; local sloe bushes hardly produce any fruit at all.

Limed the area around both about a month ago, and spread calcified seaweed around the root area liberally today. Fingers crossed for a better year for plums in 2011.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Last Pixies

Tidying away the fruit boxes, came across some more Pixies which were surprisingly good. Most of the acidity has gone by now, slightly dry but now very sweet with a strong flavour of pear drops, certainly these well-ripened ones hadn't lost flavour, just acidity. Really ought to plant another one, or top something less good with it.